Laser Hair Removal Changed My Life

I like to think laser hair removal is to shellac what shaving and waxing is to nail polish. How did we live without shellac? If you're anything like me you have painted your nails a couple of times in the last few years (with that old bottle of polish you keep in your bathroom cabinet for emergencies) just to have it start to flake off 20 minutes later. No wonder we were all walking around with french acrylics for so many years, without shellac our colorful manicures were nearly impossible. Thank the gods above for technological advances in the beauty industry! Speaking of technology... with the  advances in hair removal methods over the years shaving is obviously history yet so many people are still waxing! I may be a little partial because I own a medical spa and we're very well known for laser hair removal BUT I must tell you that I got into the industry and opened Timeless Laser because of my passion for the medical spa industry and helping others.

I started my laser hair removal journey about 10 years ago. Before laser hair removal I couldn't even shave my bikini area without having razor burn that lasted for days. There were so many times I didn't want my live in boyfriend to see me without clothes on or I wouldn't take my swim suite cover off at the pool. I was so embarrassed and after minimal research I decided to buy a Groupon. My first Groupon experience was pretty satisfying. I saw great results and after just a couple of treatments my hair was growing in so thin I stopped getting razor burn. I wish I could say the same for ALL of my laser hair removal Groupon purchases. As some of you may know, you can only purchase one Groupon per location so I started to purchase one after another and before I knew it I had been treated by a number of lasers of all different shapes, overall minimal results and a lot of wasted money. I know now the importance in the quality of a laser and the wide range of machines out there which is why we pride ourselves in using only the newest in technology for all of our services and the award winning Alma Soprano Ice Laser for all of our hair removal services. With that said, buy a Groupon for a movie ticket or an art museum not for something like laser hair removal. Do your research, find someone reputable and you won't regret it.

Now lets get back to the topic of waxing... Did you know that a laser hair removal treatment is comparable in cost to a wax? Each laser hair removal treatment reduced your rate of hair growth by 20% and you don't have to grow your hair out, AT ALL! Yes, you have to shave the area close to the skin prior to treatment which can be a little uncomfortable for some. I always tell my clients the WORST part about the laser hair removal process is shaving close to the skin for those who have sensitive skin. But after just a couple of weeks your hair will be growing in so much thinner that you won't get razor burn anymore. It's truly amazing. Although I started the laser hair removal process to fix an issue, now I laser most of my body simply for convenience. My hair grows in so sparse and thin that I literally shave once a month. I never thought I would ever say this but laser hair removal changed my life and I will continue to spread the word in hopes that it can one day change yours as well.


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