Love Your Face

Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful. I hope today is everything you want it to be!  As for me, I'll be cozy on the couch this evening with my two puppies and my weekly shows... it's a win, win! The other night, while doing exactly that I started thinking about how women view themselves. Women just like you and me. I started to wonder how many women out there actually love what they see when they look in the mirror. Take a moment and ask yourself... do you love your face? When you look in the mirror, do you actually love what you see? I'm not talking about waking up to that unexpected blemish, (by the way you can call us at the early signs of a blemish and we can zap it with an IPL or inject if necessary, preventing them from turning into a long lasting cyst) I mean on a day to day basis, with make up, without make up, fresh out of the shower... The answer should be yes. The answer should always be yes.

I used to love how I looked. Bright and early in the morning, a little bit of powder and I'd be off to the gym feeling empowered and confident. My skin was tight, my pores were invisible and my eyes always looked refreshed and bright. Then something changed, I'm not exactly sure when but out of nowhere every time I looked in the mirror I started to hear my moms voice in my head over an over again telling me to wear sunscreen and eye cream when I was just 25 years old. I remember her being like a broken record and now I know why. I wish I would have listened to her a little bit sooner. 

As you've heard me say before... why does the sun, something so crucial to our existence have to be so two-faced?! The suns motto may as well be 'give us life, give us scars', a simple and undeniable FACT! You've also heard me say before... no need to worry because we're here to help. We have the technology, products and expertise to correct the early signs of aging. Bags under the eyes, dark sun spots, fine lines and that word all of us as women hate.... yes, wrinkles!!

We know that everyone's approach to anti-aging is different and we respect that. For this reason we spend quality time with each of our clients to develop a custom treatment plan that best fits your expectations. We will guide you through the transformation process with support and the appropriate  knowledge to maintain a youthful look, once it's achieved.

Personally BotoxJuvederm dermal fillers and the Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatment are my BEST FRIENDS! I have a very expressive face and it has definitely caught up with me. I have deep lines in between my eyes and above my eyebrows and growing crows feet. I waited as long as I could take it and at 29 I decided it was time and I got Botox. I was instantly obsessed and get my touch ups every 5 months or so. Juvederm I use to add minimal volume to my cheeks and lips and just like that I had my face back... Thanks to my Registered Nurse and amazing injectionist Stephanie, with minimal product and an eye for enhancing facial structure she always leaves me feeling confident and satisfied.

Ladies, I'm not by any means saying that injections are the only answer to reversing the aging process. It is however the quickest way to see results and if you're anything like me you absolutely love immediate gratification. Botox and Juvederm does just that and it works for me. There are many options to maintaining your youthfulness. The best thing you can do is hydrate, be consistence with your routine and consult with us to keep up on the hottest and newest anti-aging trends. I promise we will weed out what doesn't work and always offer what does. And most importantly our goal is to make you look and feel your best and of course,  we want you to always love yourself and love your face.


...and remember, it's easier to maintain than to correct. Book your complimentary consultation with us now.

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