Tattoo Removals


Saline Tattoo Removal

Starting price $75/treatment. Price depends on the size of tattoo. This removal process can be done on areas no larger than the size of a playing card in 1 treatment. 

Saline Tattoo Removal is a natural and much less toxic approach to removing a tattoo. Compared to a laser, the process we use is very similar to the process of getting a tattoo. We use a tattoo gun to break up tattoo ink by administering saline solution. This process pushes the ink to the surface of the skin (while a laser flushes the ink through your body internally, this can cause ink toxicity if not done properly) and flakes off with a scab. Saline tattoo removal is the least invasive, most advanced and least painful form of tattoo removal on the market. Post saline removal, a scab will form and fall off naturally revealing a much lighter tattoo and in time hopefully no trace of a tattoo. Just like laser tattoo removal there is no guarantee we can 100% remove your tattoo.

Book a consultation today. Free patch test included. Consultation is required prior to your first appointment.


  • Eyebrow tattoos
  • Eyeliner tattoos
  • Body tattoos (in areas the size of 1 playing card per session)


Not everyone is a great candidate for saline tattoo removal. Please book a complimentary consultation and we will educate you on all of your tattoo removal options (even if the best option is a process that we don’t offer).


Many factors contribute to how many sessions will be needed such as how deep in the skin the ink was tattooed and what type of ink was used. In some cases, one session can remove an entire tattoo however, in most cases it takes up to 5 sessions. To protect the integrity of your skin, no more than 5 sessions can be done one 1 area. Treatments are required every 8 weeks for best results. There is no guarantee that any single laser or tattoo removal method will fully remove a tattoo. We will do our best to advise you prior to starting the process and guarantee all of our technicians use their expert opinion to predict the final result.