Lash Extensions - We use the highest quality in lash extensions to provide the customized look each client desires. It is important to us to always focus on the health of your lashes. We promise to do our part to improve and maintain the integrity of your lashes.  We recommend signing up for a Lash membership and coming in every 2-3 weeks for a lash extension fill. This will keep your lashes looking flawless all the time.

Any ‘Fill’ scheduled more than 5 weeks from an appointment will require a new set and will be booked and charged for a Full Set.

Volume Lashes - These lavish lashes will turn heads every time you walk through a door. With this extreme set of lashes, multiple lashes will be applied to each eligible lash giving your face the ultimate wow factor! Our lash memberships allow you to come in for 2 fills per month.

Full Set 2.5 hours - $200

Classic Lashes - These stunning lashes are great for every occasion. Enhance your beauty and cut your morning routine in half! During this process, one lash will be applied to each lash. You’ll leave us every time looking and feeling absolutely stunning.

2 hours - $165

Classic Lash Fill - 2-3 weeks $60

Classic Lash Fill - 3-4 weeks $80

Volume Lash Fill - 2-3 weeks - $80

Volume Lash Fill - 3-4 weeks - $125

Lash Removal 30 min - $65

Lash Memberships

Classic Lash Membership - $99 

Volume Lash Membership - $139


Our Lash memberships allow you to come in for a lash fill twice a month! Get ready to turn heads every time you turn a corner. Click here to find out more about our Memberships.


Tint & Lift 

Lash Tint (Upper and Lower) - $25

Lash Lift & Tint - $70 

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