Pre & Post Organic Spray Tan Instructions


*Prior to your appointment it is very important to prep your skin. For maximum results shower, exfoliate and avoid applying any lotions, perfume or make up to your skin. Although we don't encourage social activities immediately following the application of a spray tan,  IF you have plans after your appointment we suggest applying deodorant and foundation before you come. You may apply powder make up on top of your tan, nothing liquid. DO NOT apply lotion all over your body.

*Shave prior to your appointment and avoid any waxing treatments at least 24 hours before and 72 hours after an airbrush tan.

*Wear loose clothes to your airbrush appointment and avoid wearing anything but dark clothes immediately following and up to 12 hours post airbrush tan application.


*Following your appointment it is crucial to wait 8 hours before showering or getting your skin wet in any way. (Unless, of course you upgrade to our Accelerated Tanning Solution). This includes participating in physical activities like going to the gym or walking around outside in the heat.


*After you shower you will want to avoid applying any products to your skin that contain alcohol or mineral oil for as long as 7 days. These ingredients are not only toxic to your body but break down key ingredients in our airbrush solutions that help guarantee you the most beneficial and longest lasting airbrush experience.

*Every Airbrush client should be using an organic tan extender on a regular basis. At Timeless Laser we have multiple options of extenders such as lotions and body washes to choose from. A tan extender is going to prolong the fading process of your tan and prevent uneven fading for clients who tan once a week or more.

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