Venus Viva Aftercare


*After your treatment we will have applied a post laser enzyme gel. This will help soothe any inflammation and cool down the treated area. You do not want to cool the area with anything other than the applied gel after treatment. Tenderness and a little bit of discomfort for 24 hours following treatment are expected. If the treated area still seems to be hot and extra tender after 24 hours then gel ice packs (not hard frozen packs or ice) or a fan can be used to ease discomfort.


*The day after treatment you will notice tiny scabs (less than 1mm diameter) forming, these may remain for several days. The scabs should not be touched or scratched even if they itch. These scabs should be allowed to shed naturally. It is helpful to apply moisturizer (we recommend Elta MD Barrier Renewal Cream) multiple times a day during this stage. This helps to settle the inflammation and shed skin. Blistered or ulcerated skin, which rarely develops, should be treated with a prescribed antibiotic ointment. Contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns during the healing process.


*The first couple of days it is crucial to keep the area free of sun exposure, pet fur, smoke, chemicals, exfoliating washes and anything else that may seem harmful to a healing would. During the first two days following treatment, care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated site so avoiding hot baths, massage, steam, sauna etc. The skin should be kept clean to avoid contamination or infection.


*The treated area must stay untouched and dry for 24 hours after treatment. After 24 hours moisturizer should be applied multiple times a day.


*Make-up may be applied 24 hours after treatment if desired. Generally 48 hours after treatment, you may use your normal cleanser, but no scrub soaps or exfoliants.

 *You should be using a high power sunscreen (we recommend Elta MD SPF 45 Clear) and protect the treated area from sunlight for at least one month after the treatment. Tanning of any sort (sun exposure, tanning beds, and artificial sunless tanning lotions) is not allowed in the treated areas during the entire course of the treatment, and for at least one month after the last treatment. Tanning after treatment may cause hyperpigmentation.

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