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A drawn, wrinkled face is the most noticeable sign of aging. There’s no avoiding the volume loss that your face experiences over time, but you can restore the volume with dermal fillers without losing your ability to make facial expressions and look like yourself. Timeless Laser Medical Spa and Aesthetics in Denver offers dermal fillers such as Juvederm® and Versa™ that restore the plumpness that keeps you looking youthful. To learn more about how fillers can improve your appearance, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Dermal Fillers Q&A




What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable substances that restore smoothness and plumpness to your face. As you age, your face loses its volume, causing hollow cheeks, sunken eyes, wrinkles, and other telltale signs of aging. You can also use dermal fillers to achieve plump, supple lips if yours are naturally thin or have become thin with age.

Dermal filler injections are minimally invasive and therefore safer and more cost-effective than plastic surgery. While the results aren’t fully permanent, they are long-lasting and fast-acting.

What can dermal fillers do?

Dermal fillers are very versatile when it comes to making you look younger. They can be used to:

  • Smooth lip lines
  • Plump your lips
  • Smooth chin creases
  • Restore volume to your cheeks
  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Diminish smile lines
  • Diminish crow’s feet

If you have other concerns, your provider can determine if dermal fillers can help or guide you to another effective aesthetic treatment.

What types of dermal fillers are available?

Timeless Laser Medical Center offers Juvederm®, a type of dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid to give you your desired results. Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin hydrated and delivers nutrients that allow you to appear healthy and natural.

The results of Juvederm last for about a year, so you won’t need to come back for injections every few months. You also won’t need to reserve any downtime after a Juvederm injection appointment, so it’s perfect for a busy schedule.

Additionally, Timeless Laser Medical Center offers Revanesse® Versa™ fillers. Similar to Juvederm, Versa fillers use hyaluronic acid to restore volume and fill lines and creases in your face.

Am I a good candidate?

Most people whose goals align with the purposes of dermal fillers are eligible for treatment. However, dermal fillers may not be right for you if:

  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You’re prone to allergic reactions
  • You have a serious skin condition
  • You have a bleeding disorder

Your provider at Timeless Laser Medical Spa and Aesthetics will determine if fillers are your best option after assessing your medical history. Before proceeding, they’ll ensure that you are fully informed of the risks of your chosen treatment and that you’re aware of any aftercare that you’ll need to adhere to.

If sunken cheeks, wrinkles, lines, or thin lips keep you from seeing your natural beauty, dermal fillers can give you your confidence back. Call or schedule an appointment online at Timeless Laser Medical Spa and Aesthetics to learn more about your dermal filler options today.

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