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Are you interested in hair removal but too busy for typical market treatments? Timeless Laser Medical Spa and Aesthetics in Denver offers Soprano ICE laser hair removal, a state of the art technology that provides a nearly painless and effective hair removal treatment. If you’re ready to ditch razors and waxing but still achieve smooth skin, call Timeless Laser Medical Spa and Aesthetics today for your complimentary consultation, or book an appointment online.

Laser Hair Removal Q&A

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What is Soprano ICE laser hair removal?

Soprano ICE laser hair removal is a state-of-the-art hair removal treatment. It uses multiple laser wavelengths and technologies to remove hair from all parts of your body, including:

  • Back
  • Legs
  • Ears
  • Bikini Line

Who can use Soprano ICE laser hair removal?

Soprano ICE treatment is a good option for many people, no matter the characteristics of your skin and hair. Unlike other market treatments, Soprano ICE is available for people with:

  • Coarse hair
  • Fine hair
  • Dark skin
  • Tanned skin


Soprano ICE technology has multiple modes and settings that customize the laser hair treatment to your specific needs. Whatever your skin tone or type of hair, Soprano ICE is safe and effective for you.

How long does Soprano ICE laser hair removal take?

The Soprano ICE treatment process is good for busy people, cutting hair removal treatment time in half compared to other market procedures. Treatments are extremely quick, and most range from a couple of seconds to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area you target.

How many Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatments do I need?

Many people see their hair growth cut in half within just three treatments. As you receive more treatments, your hair grows back sparsely and you only need to shave a few times a month.

For optimal hair removal results, you should get a treatment every 4-6 weeks, for up to 10 treatments.

If treatment process recommended by your technician is followed, maintenance treatments are recommended 2-4 times a year after the initial treatment plan.

Is Soprano ICE laser hair removal painful?

Soprano ICE treatments aren’t painful compared to other laser hair removal procedures. Soprano ICE uses cutting-edge cooling technology to make sure you’re comfortable and protect your skin tissue from any possible burns during the procedure.

What is the recovery time for Soprano ICE laser hair removal?

Soprano ICE treatments are so quick that you can easily fit them into a lunch break. After your treatment, you’re cleared to go about your daily activities. We recommend waiting 24 hours post treatment before works, hot tubs saunas, etc. This is to avoid infection or any prolonged irritation.

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

The pricing for Soprano ICE treatments vary based on the area being treated. We offer a significant savings when treatments are bought in a package. Save up to 20% on packages and your services will never expire!  Pricing at Timeless Laser Medical Spa and Aesthetics is as follows:

  • Abs: $175
  • Areolas: $40
  • Arms (including under arms): $200
  • Arms, elbow and above: $120
  • Arms, elbow and below: $120
  • Back, full: $250
  • Back, partial: $175
  • Bikini line: $75
  • Brazilian: $95
  • Brazilian extended, woman: $120
  • Brazilian extended, man: $150
  • Buttocks: $75
  • Chest: $175
  • Chest and abs: $225
  • Cheeks: $50
  • Chin: $40
  • Ears: $40
  • Face, full: $120
  • Face, half: $75
  • Feet: $60
  • Full body, woman: $675
  • Full body, man: $800
  • Glabella (between eyes): $25
  • Hands: $50
  • Happy trail: $40
  • Legs: $250
  • Legs, knee and above: $200
  • Legs, knee and below: $160
  • Lip: $30
  • Lip and chin: $50
  • Nose: $30
  • Neck, full front and back: $140
  • Neck, half back or front: $75
  • Sideburns: $40
  • Toes: $40
  • Under arms: $75
  • Widows peak: $30

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